Minecraft Releases Adorable Animated Trailer for Caves & Cliffs Update

Minecraft’s World Will Never Be The Same

It’s hard to forget a game like Minecraft. It’s a simple design, but filled to the brim with adventure, creative freedom… and beyond anything else, Minecraft is just plain fun. And that sense of child-like awe, fear, and joy is rendered in perfect detail in the latest trailer for the game’s next update: Caves & Cliffs Part 2.

The Caves & Cliffs update does exactly what it says on the tin – expanding Minecraft’s verticality to seriously impressive heights. Or depths, if that’s what you prefer. The update does plenty of both. Between the mountain-climbing goats of the world’s highest reaches, and the terrifying Warden of the Deep Dark, the update offers a ton of new stuff to explore.

And this video, firmly embedded in the fun-loving adventure that is Minecraft, shows off so much of the update’s daunting energy. Alex and Steve show a lot of personality, as they venture (or stumble) through different environments. A lack of Deep Dark content is surprising, but probably intentional. Horror and dread are new ventures for this cute little block game, after all. Mojang probably wants people to experience it in-person first.

While most Minecraft updates add new mechanics, animals, and blocks – those were reserved to “Part 1”. The terrain generation took a bit longer to get working, but if these vistas are anything to go by, they’ll absolutely be worth it.

“100% the most game changing update Minecraft has had in a very long time.” Said one commenter. “I don’t care if there’s no blocks or new mobs, terrain generation IS WHAT MAKES UP THE WHOLE GAME. It’s what pulls you into exploring the world and inspiring what to build. So, very important to get right because it sets the foundation for everything else. Terrain gen hasn’t been touched in over a decade, and caves themselves haven’t changed much since then either. It’s time.”