Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Machines Coming This Year

Look For Them in a Covid Hotspot Near You

Mojang and Play Mechanix have teamed up to create an arcade version of Minecraft Dungeons! The four-player dungeon crawler is getting its very own console later this year! Maybe this announcement could have come once arcades are no longer vectors for a deadly disease!

Minecraft Dungeons

The blog post announcing this project ensures us that cabinets will be tested in arcades that follow local health guidelines in order to mitigate the risk of the ongoing pandemic. That’s great news, assuming everyone involved is being super careful. More than that, it seems like arcade attendance is just lower in general right now? Even without the plague going around?

On the other hand, taken in a vacuum, the Minecraft Dungeons Arcade machine looks pretty rad. Players can even collect physical cards that take the place of save files. Just like the old Initial D cabinets! If vaccination goes well, and you stay safe, and you find yourself in a place where you can play this machine without acute danger, then great! It honestly looks really fun. Or, if those conditions aren’t yet met, the original PC and console release is really good. You can read our review about it right here! The Minecraft Dungeons Arcade machine is coming sometime later this year.