Arcane Themed League of Legend Cosmetics coming to Among Us

Players Will Be Able to Dress as League of Legend Champions in Among Us

InnerSloth’s Among Us has certainly been one of the biggest hits in gaming this year, and it shows. The social deduction game has been able to go to multi-platform, with deluxe copies being available to buy on December 14, 2021, for PlayStation and Xbox. But another sign that Among Us is a platform to pay attention to is how it’s being used to promote one of the newest shows on Netflix, called Arcane. Arcane, an animated series Riot Games’ League of Legends franchise, explores the world lore and the characters of the League of Legends franchise, particularly focusing on the relationship between two characters, Jinx and Vi. So as part of the celebration and promotion of the animated series, players can now enjoy some new cosmetic additions themed around the League of Legends champions.

fortnite among us gameplay

This is the first-ever collaboration that Innersloth has been part of, despite fans hungering for various game crossovers. Players will be able to unlock various hats, skins, and more with the theme of Heimerdinger, Jayce, Caitlyn, Vi, and Jinx, much to their delight. There is also the little addition of Heimerdinger’s Poro pet, for those players who are interested (or simply just want a puffball with a mustache- I mean, who wouldn’t?) as one of the possible unlockable cosmetics. Though it is best to bear in mind that these unlockable visuals are that- visual. They will not affect the gameplay in any which way, though it is pretty cool to have that added as a feature.

Those that want an Arcane cosmetic can get them through the Among Us Cosmicube Unlockable system, where the more that someone plays, the more they’re able to acclimate points in order to purchase fun visuals for their avatar. However, the Arcane Cosmicubes are limited, and will only be within the Among us in-game store until December 31, 2021. InnerSloth also advises that once the purchase is made, that the Cosmicube should be activated so players can start earning the points needed to unlock what’s inside. Still, once players buy the Arcane Cosmicube, it’s theirs to keep.

Seeing this collaboration is exciting, if only because this may mean many future Among Us collaborations in the future. For those who are interested in purchasing Among Us, it can be found on Mobile stores, PC, and Switch, with PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S versions releasing December 14, 2021.