Crossover Between Fortnite and Among Us Is Just a Rumour

There Will Be No Crossover Between Fortnite and Among Us—Yet, Anyway

Fans of both Fortnite and Among Us were excited when reports of a possible crossover made its rounds on the Internet. It was first leaked by known Fortnite tipster HYPEX that the event will be happening soon after he discovered some in-game files that strongly point to this crossover.

“Upcoming Fortnite X Among Us Collab,” the leaker posted on social media. “There is currently a thing in the files called Mole (Impostor) and it has these keywords related to it: Electrical Cafeteria, Tasks, Sabotage, Factory, Repair Lab, Visitor CSI, Weapons Lab, Island Monitoring, Security, The Loop.”

Apparently, these keywords put together could pertain to the Imagine Order area under Colossal Coliseum. Speculations arose in part to the fact that Visitor CSI and The Loop are noted within this area. Including these familiar Among Us elements within the same statement strongly indicate that something big is being planned for the game.

fortnite among us crossover

However, the official Among Us Twitter account has come out to put a stop to these rumours, saying that they are nothing but that—rumours. “I do not know who spread this rumour,” the post says. “But it is not true.” Although they have now denied all claims that a Fortnite Among Us crossover is in the works, they did admit that the idea “would be super cool.” Fans are still hopeful that this denial could just be the game’s developers trying to keep details of an exciting Fortnite Among Us crossover under wraps.

Among Us was first released in June of 2018 and it became one of the most streamed games in 2020. This indie hit from InnerSloth did have a crossover with Fall Guys earlier this year, which was one of the reasons why Fortnite Among Us crossover rumours were quick to spread.

Fortnite also had a recent collaboration with female pop star Ariana Grande as part of the Rift Tour. Grande impressed a lot of the game’s fans as Fortnite’s world was transformed into a pastel-coloured fever dream.