Ariana Grande’s Fortnite Concert Takes Players To Pink-Dominant Rift

Ariana Grande’s Rift Tour Features A Huge Pink Slide and A Massive Stuffed Bear

Ariana Grande’s Rift Tour event has officially started in Fortnite. The female pop star’s five-show concert series begins August 6 at 6PM ET until August 8. Her fans—Arianators—can now enjoy an Ariana event in the comforts of their own home, also considering that Ariana has not headlined any major shows this summer.

ariana grande fortnite rift tour

The in-game concert event kicked off by dropping Fortnite players onto a huge pink-dominated slide, where they can pick up certain items that gives them the ability to go faster. As everyone went down the slide and started to gain speed, “Come and Go” from Marshmello featuring Juice Wrld was playing in the background. From there, all players got transported to a massive stuffed bear—also pink—where they bounced around. After that, players faced a giant monster made of crystal and they had to shoot it down while aboard a plane. All of these transpired while a variety of songs played in the background.

It was at this point that the screen faded to black and all of those who took part are seen gathered in a crowd. The in-game version of Ariana Grande then showed up and performed “7 Rings”, which officially kicked off her portion of the concert series.

This Fortnite event is certainly centered around Ariana Grande and her persona, which only makes sense since it is her Rift Tour concert series. It reminded players back to Travis Scott’s concert event that happened last year.

Fortnite players from different parts of the world will be provided with multiple chances to take part in Ariana Grande’s interactive concert and also get some in-game rewards, such as an Ariana Grande skin. With that said, Fortnite fans can get a Victory Royale as Ariana Grande. Her outfit and other cosmetics, such as Piggy Smalls, her pet pig back bling, can also be obtained from the Fortnite store.