Behaviour Released Never Before Seen Dead by Daylight Data

Dead by Daylight’s Homage to Latin American Players

Behaviour Interactive just released a list of statistics for their asymmetrical horror game Dead by Daylight. This is the first time the company has ever released this kind of data for the game.

dead by daylight the artist hands

Dead by Daylight has had a really busy end of the year. A few months ago, Dead by Daylight launched on the Epic Games Store, and it’s been on sale a few times since then too. The game also just got a brand new killer and survivor in the recent Portrait of a Murder update. The update not only added these two characters but also added a new map. Finally, the game is currently going through a holiday-themed event as well.

All of these factors definitely played into Dead by Daylight’s recent burst in popularity, but it’s not the reason why Behaviour released the data. The main reason has to do with the recent update. Portrait of a Murder focuses heavily on Chilean culture. Behaviour wanted to honor this by releasing figures that are mostly themed around their Latin American player base.

The announcement was made earlier today via Here are the figures directly from the website.

  • 48 million: New record of Dead by Daylight players across all platforms globally
  • 3 million: Approximate number of players from Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America.
  • 2 million: New record-breaking daily average players, all platforms included
  • 760,000: Number of players from Mexico.
  • 230,000: Number of players from Chile.
  • 100,000: number of concurrent users who played Dead by Daylight on the Epic Games Store over the first weekend the game was available.
  • 217: Number of days required to create Portrait of a Murder (which equals to a total of 22 years of work if one person were to create the Chapter alone!)
  • 100: Number of developers who worked on the development of Portrait of a Murder.
  • 7: Number of creative steps required for iterating the gameplay mechanics as well as the visuals of each character before they’re released.
  • 4: Number of Latin American characters in Dead by Daylight: Carmina Mora, Jane Romero, Jonah Vasquez, and Ace Visconti.