Dead by Daylight Portrait of a Murder is out now

Creepy Birds and Seasonal Skins

Dead by Daylight’s latest patch adds a new killer, survivor, map and more. The patch is titled Portrait of a Murder and features a killer themed around art. The patch also included a slew of bug fixes and season-themed skins for some of the game’s killers.

dead by daylight the artist hands

Portrait of a Murder adds a new killer called the Artist. The Artist was once a Chilean woman named Carmina Mora. She was a gifted painter who made a name for herself in the art world through her black-ink surrealist style after her life was saved by a murder of crows.

The Artist brings with her three unique perks and a unique ability themed around crows. Her new perks, Grim Embrace, Scourge Hook and Hex: Pentimento, allow her to pressure survivor’s progress on generators and slow down healing, recovering and gate opening. Her ability, Birds of Torment, lets her set up crow traps that damage and mark survivors, revealing their aura, who walk through it. She can also activate this ability herself. This will send a murder of crows in a straight line that also marks and damages survivors.

The patch also includes a new survivor and map. The survivor’s name is Jonah Vasquez, and with him comes three unique perks. His perks, Overcome, Corrective Action and Boon: Exponential, lets him escape dire situations easier and help out his teammates with healing and failed skill checks. The new map is a Chilean graveyard called the Forsaken Boneyard and has a design that’s inspired by surrealist artwork.

Lastly, the patch also included the Everlasting Frost Collection. The collection adds three new outfits for Ghost Face, The Spirit and The Artist. All of these outfits are themed around Winters and cover their respective killers in ice. Players can buy these outfits from the in game store.