Dead By Daylight Player Survey Hints At Possible Game Modes

Dead By Daylight Takes Suggestions

The introduction of new features are what keep games fresh and fun for players even years after its release. New characters, new add-ons, and new game modes are all important for the vitality of a game. Of course, a developer will often turn to their community for feedback on what they could bring to the game. Behaviour Interactive recently polled their own community with some ideas for their asymmetrical horror game, Dead By Daylight. The survey, which went out on Twitter, aims to address player satisfaction with the game. Of course, the first part of the survey was about Dead By Daylight’s newest killer, The Good Guy or Chucky, everyone’s favorite serial-killer doll. 

dead by daylight 250k bloodpoints for logging in

Yet, despite the start of the survey focusing on basic satisfaction and Chucky, the survey does go beyond the basics. In fact, the survey begins discussing what players find exciting. Amongst these questions was the concept of events and new game modes. An entire section of the survey provides differing game type experiences from hide-and-seek to random perk game modes. Asking these types of questions appear to be probing for new content to change up the normal Killer hunts Survivor, Survivor does Generator, gameplay. Interestingly, the survey asks the interest of a large list of hypothetical gameplay.

Obviously, no further information is available regarding Dead By Daylight’s future additions in terms of  game modes or any other features. Yet the fact that these questions have been asked are possible hints for the future of the game.

Dead By Daylight is currently available on SteamPS5PS4Xbox OneXbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. What do you think about possible new game modes for Dead By Daylight?