A Tale of Paper Travelling to PlayStation 5 in 2024

Following the Paper Trail

Prepare for paper. In fact, this paper is going to tell a story and not like a book. It’s time for a tale of origami, creation, and emotions. Of course, there will be a couple puzzles thrown in. Today, Selecta Play and Digerati are happy to announce that their narrative puzzle game, A Tale of Paper, is releasing to PS5 in quarter one of 2024. Inviting players on a heartfelt adventure into the world of paper, the game combines puzzles and atmospheric exploration that goes beyond normal platforming. An official trailer provides players with a glimpse of what they can expect from the PlayStation 5 release of the game. 

A Tale of Paper

A Tale of Paper allows players to step into the paper shoes of Line. Of course, Line is a paper being. On a mission aiming to fulfill the dreams of their creator, Line must use their different forms through origami  to progress through this adventure. Importantly, learning how to use each of Line’s different forms to solve various puzzles they will come across. For instance, sometimes players will need to become a frog, or an airplane. Each of the seven forms players can choose to become will help them traverse the atmospheric world full of dangers. Interestingly, players can uncover more and more of the heartfelt story by exploring the various environments they find themselves in and discovering collectibles. 

Of course, gamers can get a look at the PS5 version of A Tale of Paper in the official trailer. Check out the trailer for the game below. 

A Tale of Paper is releasing for PlayStation 5 in the first quarter of 2024. Currently the game is available on PC via Steam.