Dead By Daylight’s Bone Chill Event Is Out Today

It’s a Winter Slaughter Land

Dead by Daylight just got a brand new winter-themed event today. The event is called the Bone Chill Event and will run from December 9th to December 23rd.


The event added a bunch of content both in and outside of the game. Players can purchase glowing blue eyes for The Trickster and The Artist and a holiday weapon skin for The Wraith and The Hag from the in-game store. Three charms called Coco Dip, Christmas Inferno and Hatch Gift have also been added to the store. Finally, ugly Christmas sweaters have been added for Yun-Jin Lee, Mikaela Reid and Jonah Vasquez. A Dwight Mr Elf filter and The Artist filter were even added to Instagram over a week ago in preparation for the event.

Skins aren’t the only thing Behaviour brought with this update. Hooks, lockers, generators and barrels on every map have received the holiday makeover. Each object is plastered with Christmas lights to give the realm a cozy holiday feel. The event will also include an advent calendar-like reward system. From 11 am to 11 am of the next day, players will receive a gift simply for logging on. The gifts include free Bloodpoints, Rift Fragments and Iridescent Shards.

The Bone Chill Event added a ton of cosmetics and rewards, but the biggest addition by far is the snowman gameplay. In addition to the Christmas light, every map will also include six snowmen. Survivors can jump inside of the snowmen and roam around the map in them. Doing various things while inside of a snowman will grant survivors exclusive cosmetic rewards. Things like escaping the trial and taking a hit from the killer while inside a snowman will trigger this to happen. The killer can get in on the action too by hitting a survivor who’s inside a snowman.