Phasmophobia Teases New Features in Holiday Update

Kinetic Games, the Phasmophobia Developers, Teases New Features Coming Up

Kinetic Games, creators of Phasmophobia, are working on more updates for the game. As found on their Trello board, they have hinted at new features coming up. Under the Christmas [REDACTED] update, there are a few fun hints of what will be happening already! There is a list of what is called new cursed possessions. The list itself is short, at four, and two of them are unknown, simply called [REDACTED].


But the two that are on the list, both promise to be a delight. One is a new summoning circle and the other is new updates for the voodoo doll. Spooky. There will also be new Ouija Board questions, and unknown additions are promised. While there is no release date promised, not yet, it can be expected to be released soon. At least, if the Christmas Update title is to be believed.

Kinetic Games is, also according to their Trello page, working on a patch. This patch, called the Ghost Identities Balance patch, is to update the ghosts to make them feel more unique. It is also supposed to help with discovering the ghost types in Nightmare difficulty. It must be, well, a nightmare to figure out the various ghosts at that difficulty level. Sadly for Phasmophobia players, it is far harder to guess when we will see the Ghost update.

Still, even with the wait for the newest updates, Phasmophobia is very playable. The Halloween Update called Phasmophobia: Nightmare is filled with new content. This includes the game’s first outdoor map, which goes around a camping ground. Whether going around in a group or by yourself in a solo play, Phasmophobia promises a ghostly good time.

For those who want access to Phasmophobia, they can get the PC, including the VR version, on Steam at 15.49 CAD.