New Update for Deathloop Has Notable Changes

Game Update Improves Npc Reactions, Among Other Things

Deathloop, one of the games nominated for Game of the Year, has gotten a new update. Bethesda, the Deathloop publisher, has posted in their blog today about the new updates for the game. “Game Update 2 improves NPC reactions and pathing, UI clarity and appearance, audio mix quality, and many other elements,” Bethesda wrote. “It also adds controller remapping as well as field-of-view and motion-blur controls for PS5.”

Deathloop Deluxe Edition

That’s a good thing, especially the motion mapping. Being too fast can cause motion sickness for some players. But what’s the most notable and the most game-changing are the NPC reactions. No longer will NPC, that is, nonplayable characters, ignore near misses, automatically take cover when under fire, or ignore assassinations. This will add more difficulty to the game, but some players will enjoy the realism.

On the other hand, one of the characters, called Charlie Montague, will no longer get stuck when kicked using shift. That’s a funny bug, but that’s what it is, a bug. And thankfully, interrupted aerial assassinations will no longer leave the NPCs vulnerable for a short period of time. That would have been a frustrating problem, and now people may aerially assassinate, or try to assassinate, as much as they want without the worry of that problem. There’s also no longer the problem in one instance of being shot through a closed door.

And, too, there are many other updates, including accessibility options for the PS5, Invasion improvements, cleaning up graphics and audio, and much much more. This should all make for a greater gaming experience for those who love Deathloop or have been frustrated by the previous bugs.

For those who want to see the full list of all of the Deathloop updates, it can be found on the Bethesda website for a full read.