Battlefield 2042 Leaker Confirms September 22 Beta Launch

Famed Battlefield 2042 Leaker Is Confident That His Beta Information Is Accurate

News about Battlefield 2042’s beta release date has been quite abundant lately. Just earlier this week, it was reported that an Italian retailer may have leaked that the beta will take place next week. However, famed Battlefield 2042 leaker Tom Henderson revealed during a Giant Bomb Show that the much-awaited beta will actually begin on September 22nd.

The Battlefield 2042 beta being on September 22nd is not speculation or a guess,” Henderson wrote. “Take it with a pinch of fact. I am as confident as I was when I saw the internal trailer with  my own eyes.”

battlefield 2042 beta release date

Unfortunately for Battlefield 2042 fans, Henderson did not offer any further details about the event, except that he is absolutely confident regarding the credibility of his information. He reportedly even offered to give away copies of the game to those who follow him on social media if he got the September 22 beta release date incorrect.

With that said, if Henderson’s leaked Battlefield 2042 data is, in fact, true, then fans of the game can expect for DICE and Electronic Arts to shed more light on this matter in the coming days. At the moment, both companies have been fairly quiet.

Late last month, the delay of Battlefield 2042’s beta launch has been attributed to “internal delays,” according to Henderson’s credible source. However, the tipster did add that the delays may not mean anything for the game. 

From what I have heard, there have been some internal delays with Battlefield 2042 and that could explain the lack of announcements on the game,” the statement read. “I am not sure what those delays entail, but it is believed that it is not having an effect on the release schedule.” This means that despite the hold-up on Battlefield 2042’s beta—and other related information—the game is still right on its track for an October 22nd release.