Razer Introduces New Gaming Chairs To Its Impressive Lineup

Razer Is Expanding Its Gaming Chair Lineup With The Release Of Iskur Fabric and XL Chairs

Razer is a leading brand in the world of gaming peripherals and has elite products such as headsets, mice, keyboards and more. The company has recently taken the initiative to expand beyond the gaming peripheral arena and has announced the release of gaming chairs that are perfect for gamers and those looking for lumbar support at their desks. Razer will now have six available gaming chairs as the Razer Iskur Fabric and Razer Iskur XL will be added to the lineup alongside the Razer Iskur, Razer Iskur X and Razer Iskur in XL size.

The Razer Iskur Fabric is spill resistant and uses ultra-soft material for a comfortable yet durable finish. Despite the tender feel of the chair, gamers are protected as the chair is oil, water and dirt resistant. The Razer Iskur Fabric will also be available in XL size. It is available for $499 USD / €549.99 EUR, while the XL version retails at $599 USD / €649.99 EUR.

The Razer Iskur XL of the Iskur family offers more space, a higher backrest and wider seat base as it is 15% larger than other chairs in the lineup. It supports up to 396 lbs and a height of 208cm. The Razer Iskur XL retails at $599 USD / €649.99 EUR, while the Razer Iskur X, in XL is available at $499 USD / €599.99 EUR.

With the release of these two options, Razer has now given gamers a wide variety of choices as they man their battle stations in comfort.

Both chairs are available for purchase from today! They are available online here, at RazerStore locations or at select retailers.

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SOURCE: Press Release