Phoenix Point’s Latest Enemy Unveiled Ahead of Upcoming DLC Release

Snapshot Games Have Unveiled The Latest Enemy in Phoenix Point Ahead Of The Game’s DLC Release

Phoenix Point, a turn-based tactical video game wherein players take on an abundance of aliens, originally released in 2019. The game was unveiled at E3 2019 to much praise and now has a niche in the genre as the game felt fresh, offered an immersive world and was challenging yet fun. Snapshot Games have consistently released content since its release and as DLC 4: Corrupted Horizons approaches its release date, the company has unveiled the deadly Acheron, a new enemy for players to defeat.

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DLC 4: Corrupted Horizons will release on 1st October on PC along with the release of Phoenix Point: Behemoth Edition on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The release stems from a partnership with Prime Matter. In this DLC, the challenge is kicked up a notch for new and veteran players as a new deadly enemy, the Acheron, now threatens the existence of humanity.

The Acheron arrived after the Pandorans and have special abilities including buffing allies, hopping across the map, weakening Phoenix operatives and more. The Acheron is intended to provide a genuine challenge to even veterans of the genre as they can also call in reinforcements and revive their fallen allies.

The Acheron is also able to spread Corruption, a game mechanic that affects operative’s ability to fight. To stop it, players must research the affliction and even then, success is not guaranteed. Snapshot Games looked ‘harvesters’ from War of the Worlds for inspiration on the Acheron’s design.

Players must have access to DLC 4 to unlock Acherons. Phoenix Point: Year One Edition is available on PC while the Behemoth Edition will launch on October 1st and will include the four major expansions thus far.

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