Phoenix Point is a Turn-Based XCOM-Like Alien Nightmare

Phoenix Point E3 2019 Gameplay Video

Phoenix Point is an upcoming turn-based strategy game that faces you against a nightmarish alien threat. You deploy a squad of four or more and must control their every move with tact in order to battle aliens that mutate, evolve and adapt to your combat and choices. We were able to get our hands on Phoenix Point at E3 2019 for a little while and were intrigued by what we saw. To check out our E3 preview, hit play on the video below.

Phoenix Point gives the player a lot of control over the camera, and the squad battles take a lot of careful consideration and strategy to carry out. The result is a fun, thoughtful experience with dynamic enemies, interesting weapons and a compelling concept delivered by the original creators of X-COM.

Phoenix Point will be available on Xbox One, PC and macOS on September 3, 2019.

The game is set in 2047 on an Earth in the midst of an alien invasion, with Lovecraft-inspired horrors on the verge of wiping out all humans. Players start the game in command of a lone base, Phoenix Point, and face a mix of strategic and tactical challenges as they try to save themselves and the rest of humankind from annihilation by the alien threat.

Between battles, the aliens will adapt through accelerated, evolutionary mutations to the tactics and technology which players use against them. Meanwhile, multiple factions of humans will pursue their own objectives as they compete with players for limited resources in the apocalyptic world. How players resolve these challenges can result in different endings to the game.