NERF Legends Release Window Announced, And It’s Coming Soon

This Game Will Be Legendary

The NERF fantasy isn’t a hard one to grasp. The thought process can be seen as soon as you spot their brightly-coloured products on a shelf: “They am some cool guns, go do large big shoot yes.” It’s the kind of genuine, childish glee that people of any age can relate to, and now, you can live that fantasy from the comfort of a home console (or PC!). NERF Legends will release in October of this year, on the Nintendo Switch, PS5, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and on Steam.

Nerf Legends

It’s very clearly an elaborate ad for NERF’s products, but that isn’t strictly a bad thing. It’s interesting to see companies reach back into the video game space. When it comes to video game tie-ins for physical toy products, the first ones that come to mind are likely on the older side. An era where even cereal was getting a tie-in (just look up Chex Quest if you, for some reason, haven’t witnessed its glory) sounds a lot like a “golden age” to me, and we’re a long ways past that.

But even though it’s been a while, that doesn’t make the genre strictly dead. The Hotwheels games come to mind; that brand has been relatively consistent with pumping out new product.

This venture isn’t new territory for NERF either – they already have a whole catalogue of video game tie-ins for their products, with their largest wave being released for the Nintendo Wii. But with the massive time gap between that platform and modern consoles, it’s good to see that NERF hasn’t completely abandoned this idea.