Borderlands 3 Director’s Cut DLC Delayed Until April

Borderlands 3 DLC Delayed Until April

While the Borderlands 3 Director’s Cut DLC was originally planned to release later this month, Gearbox has officially delayed it into April. The recent horrible winter weather in Texas was blamed for this delay as it was completely unavoidable. The team emphasized that everyone is happy and healthy but that the extreme weather forced this delay. Borderlands 3 is available right now for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, Google Stadia, Mac, and PC, while the Director’s Cut DLC is releasing on April 8th.

Borderlands 3

“Work on Director’s Cut was unavoidably disrupted and we’ve ultimately decided to shift the release date to ensure we deliver the best possible experience,” said Gearbox’s recent statement. “We appreciate your understanding, and we’re excited for you to play Director’s Cut when it releases later this month (April 8th).”

The Director’s Cut DLC will bring a plethora of new content to Borderlands 3 including Hemovorous the Invincible which costs 500 Eridium to fight and new campaign content to explore. Ava’s Murder Mysteries will also bring a series of fighting and investigating missions that focuses on different crime scenes. Vault Cards will also offer new cosmetics and gear that scales with a player’s level. These require gamers to complete daily and weekly challenges, and there are over 100 unique challenges to choose from.

Are you bummed that Borderlands 3’s Director’s Cut DLC was delayed due to extreme weather? Which character do you play as in Borderlands 3? Let us know in the comments below!