Naughty Dog Working on Something Very Cool

Neil Druckmann Teases Something “Very Cool”

Naughty Dog co-President Neil Druckmann has officially confirmed on Twitter that the studio is currently working on something “very cool.” Getting ahead of a story, Druckmann was sharing new job listings at Naughty Dog when confirming the coolness of the studio’s next project without teasing anything specifically. Naughty Dog recently released The Last of Us Part II which is a multi-award winning title available for PS4, PS5 right now.

“Come work with us! We’re making something very cool!” said Neil Druckmann in a brief but exciting statement on his official Twitter account. Naughty Dog is looking to feel several positions across its art, animation, editorial, game design, IT/DEV OPS, production, programming, quality assurance, and UI teams. Druckmann shared specifically what Naughty Dog is looking for, but not specifically what the project is.

According to the job listings, there are some small things to take away such as Naughty Dog’s upcoming title including melee combat of some degree and it’s clearly a big enough project to hire on a number of people. The studio is looking for several character and environmental artists, gameplay/graphics programmers, and tools programmers. There are several temporary assignments included in the post such as positions for cinematic lighting artists, QA testing/dev support, and IT help desk generalists.

“Seeking a new role in 2021? Naughty Dog is hiring! We’re looking for talented #gamedevs across multiple disciplines,” said Naughty Dog in the official job listings. Gaming developers who have experience in these various positions should consider joining the Naughty Dog team with Neil Druckmann continuing to lead the development of what he thinks is “very cool.” What do you think Naughty Dog is working on that would be very cool? Let us know in the comments below!