Naughty Dog Has Two Single Player Titles in Development

Naughty Dog Hints at New Projects, Leaves Fans Speculating on The Last of Us: Part III and More

In a recent blog post, acclaimed game developer Naughty Dog announced a significant pivot in its creative direction, opting to cancel The Last of Us Online—a planned multiplayer game—to concentrate its efforts on the development of single-player narrative experiences. The studio revealed that it has at least two unannounced projects in progress, ushering in a wave of anticipation and speculation within the gaming community.

While Naughty Dog has not officially disclosed details about these upcoming games, fans are eagerly awaiting news on the possibility of The Last of Us: Part III. Although the company has acknowledged the desire for a third installment and has a preliminary outline for it, the decision to greenlight the project remains uncertain.

Addressing the notion of returning to the Uncharted series, Naughty Dog firmly stated that it is “done” with the franchise. However, industry watchers note the potential for a different team to explore new Uncharted narratives.

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Neil Druckmann, creative force behind Naughty Dog, is actively involved in writing and directing one of the studio’s upcoming projects. Despite persistent fan inquiries about The Last of Us: Part III, Druckmann remains tight-lipped about the nature of the next game. Speculation runs high, with some suggesting the possibility of Naughty Dog venturing into the fantasy genre for its upcoming release.

Explaining the cancellation of The Last of Us Online, the company emphasized the challenge of allocating extensive resources for ongoing support and post-launch content, which would have detracted from the studio’s ability to simultaneously create single-player games. Faced with this dilemma, Naughty Dog made a strategic decision to preserve its legacy of narrative-driven experiences.

While details about the upcoming projects remain shrouded in mystery, studio aficionados can anticipate the arrival of The Last of Us: Part II Remastered on PS5 in January, offering a visually enhanced rendition of the critically acclaimed title. As Naughty Dog embraces the exclusive development of single-player narratives, the gaming community awaits the unveiling of the studio’s next captivating storytelling venture.