Hideki Kamiya Reveals Plans for New Project

Kamiya Reflects on Departure and Teases Upcoming Venture Post-Platinum Games

Former Platinum Games Vice President, Hideki Kamiya, who played a pivotal role in co-founding the game studio in 2007, recently shared insights into his post-Platinum journey and teased a new game project that embodies his artistic vision. Kamiya departed from Platinum Games in September, citing creative differences and a misalignment with the studio’s evolving direction that clashed with his artistic principles.

In a recent statement, Kamiya expressed his distinctive perspective on game development, viewing games not merely as products but as works of art. He emphasized his desire to infuse his unique artistry into games, crafting experiences that bear the unmistakable stamp of Hideki Kamiya. The decision to leave Platinum Games stemmed from his commitment to delivering games that resonate with his artistic identity and offer players an authentic “Hideki Kamiya game” experience.

Following his departure, Kamiya took some time to relax, watching movies and TV shows, without immediate plans for the future. However, he revealed that during this period, a “clear idea” for his next game began to take shape. Currently in the conceptual stage, Kamiya is working on transforming his vision into a comprehensive proposal that he can present to potential collaborators and partners.

Remaining discreet about the specifics of his upcoming project, Kamiya expressed confidence that the game will bear his distinct creative imprint. He acknowledged the unpredictable nature of game development but emphasized his commitment to exploring options and finding the best path for realizing his artistic vision.

While Kamiya is obligated to observe a one-year hiatus from game development due to contractual obligations, he has turned to YouTube to share his insights and content. As he approaches the end of this hiatus, Kamiya anticipates leveraging his YouTube channel as a platform to announce news and updates about his forthcoming project. As the gaming community eagerly awaits the next creation from the mind of Hideki Kamiya, his journey post-Platinum Games promises to be a compelling chapter in the evolving landscape of game development.