The Last of Us Part III Tease Sparks Excitement

Neil Druckmann Hints at a Possible New Chapter in The Last of Us

In a recent documentary produced in collaboration with Naughty Dog, Neil Druckmann, co-writer and co-director of The Last of Us, dropped hints that a third installment could be on the horizon. Druckmann expressed that he believes there is “probably one more chapter to this story,” signaling potential development for Part III.

While the documentary suggests this information was filmed some time ago, Naughty Dog strategically shared Druckmann’s comments on the future of the series. The co-creator revealed that, for years, finding a compelling concept for a third game proved elusive. However, a recent shift has sparked excitement, as he now possesses a concept that is as thrilling as the first two games, offering a throughline for all three.

Druckmann clarified his statements from 2021, dispelling the notion that he already had an outline for a third installment. Instead, he explained that the reference was to an outline for a story centered around the character Tommy, set after the events of Part II. This concept, although not developed into a full game due to other priorities, remains a potential narrative to be explored through various mediums in the future.

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While expressing a desire for another installment, Druckmann emphasized Naughty Dog’s privileged position, asserting that the studio doesn’t feel obligated to create Part III. The acclaimed co-writer noted that Part II serves as a “fine ending point” for the series.

Naughty Dog recently shifted its focus to two undisclosed single-player games, with expectations high that one of them might be The Last of Us 3. The cancellation of the Last of Us multiplayer game adds weight to this speculation. Meanwhile, the studio has unequivocally stated that it’s concluded the Uncharted series, leaving fans curious about what’s next in Naughty Dog’s innovative lineup.

As the anticipation for Part III grows, fans can also look forward to HBO’s TV series based on the series, set to return in 2025, with the cast expanding with notable additions. The journey of The Last of Us universe continues to unfold, promising thrilling narratives across different mediums.