Neil Druckmann Talks The Last of Us Part II Self-Insert

Neil Druckmann Lays The Last of Us Part II Rumors to Rest

A portion of The Last of Us Part II fans have theorized that game director Neil Druckmann inserted himself into the world of The Last of Us Part II as the character known as Manny. While Neil Druckmann may share some likenesses with the character, an actor known as Alejandro Edda is credited with the role of Manny. People who are critical of The Last of Us Part II has used this self-insert rumor as fuel to their fire but apparently there’s no validity to them. The Last of Us Part II is available exclusively for the PS4 and it will be available for the PS5 when it releases later this year.

the last of us part ii neil druckmann

“Look… I know y’all think I’m handsome. But I’m not quite as handsome or talented as Alejo Edda, who brought Manny to life. Miss you, brother.” While Manny looks sort of like Neil Druckmann, it makes sense that the game director wouldn’t want to play such a big role in the game. Despite his debunking that included tagging Alejo Edda on his official Twitter account, some fans continue to circulate the rumor while questioning Druckmann’s integrity.

The Last of Us Part II has been on the receiving end of Metacritic user review bombing and the rumors about Neil Druckmann’s self-insertion are used in some of the negative reviews. Considering Alejo Edda and Manny both look similar to Neil Druckmann in some ways, we get the confusion with a portion of the audience but it isn’t worth questioning a game directors integrity over a rumor. While there was some cut content in the game, it doesn’t seem like Druckmann was ever intended to be in the game as a character.

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Source: Game Rant