The Last of Us 2 Director Pokes Fun at Metacritic Review Bombing

The Last of Us 2’s Release Has Been Met With a Lot of Controversy

The Last of Us Part 2 finally launched on Friday and while Naughty Dog’s latest game was mostly received well by critics, so far its reception among the wider gaming audience has been divisive to say the least. Before the game came out, several major plot details that were leaked by hackers in April set off a firestorm of criticism against the game’s story.

So, naturally, when the game released there were a lot of suspect user reviews on Metacritic despite the game having just come out with a singleplayer campaign that can last from 25 to 30 hours. The game’s creative director, Neil Druckmann, took to Twitter to poke fun at the review bombing.

As of writing, the Metacritic user review score for The Last of Us Part 2 is 3.6 with more than 37,000 user reviews submitted.