Bought The Wrong Pokemon DLC? There’s Still Hope

Nintendo Says Players Who Bought The Wrong Pass Can Contact Customer Support

If you purchased the incorrect Pokemon DLC this week, you’ve probably been pretty stressed out. An article was published suggesting that your were totally doomed, after all. Thankfully, there’s now information in the wild which suggests otherwise.

Pokemon Expansion Pass

The previous article suggested that no refunds were possible. This is both super cold and very on brand for Nintendo, who get stingy at the strangest times. Then, Nintendo’s own Twitter account posted a correction. They clarified that “if you mistakenly purchased the incorrect pass, please contact customer support.” It’s not concrete evidence of a refund, but it does suggest that not all hope is lost.

The first phase of Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Expansion Pass, The Isle of Armor, was released on June 17th. You can check out our full impressions of the DLC very soon. If you’re looking for coverage of Pokemon Sword and Shield, we’ve got a full review right here. Even if they are offering refunds, make sure you get the right version of the expansion pass!