Hitman 3 Will Serve as an “End of a Journey” According to Developers

How Mysterious 

Hitman 3 was first announced at the massive PlayStation 5 reveal only a few weeks ago. Since then many fans have been in a panic trying to find out just about everything they can on the next Hitman game. The developers of the franchise IOI Interactive, have recently published an in-depth video on their YouTube channel that proclaims that they will be putting everything on the line this time around. In other words, expect Hitman 3 to go out with a bang.

Hitman 3

While there is a slim chance that Hitman 3 will mark the end of the franchise, this could be the last Hitman game we get for a while. It has been confirmed that Hitman 3 will be the final game in the modern Hitman trilogy. There will be no more games after this. At least one that pertains to this particular storyline. Described as a “love letter” to the fans, IOI appears to be very focused on making sure that Hitman 3 lives up to expectation.

The narrative in Hitman has been far from terrible but it is not the most memorable element in the series. However, this is what is supposedly going to change in Hitman 3. IOI Interactive claims that the third game is going to tie many loose ends and vague plots into one jaw-dropping experience. Telling a compelling story in a Hitman game is certainly not impossible. Hitman: Blood Money has one of the more engaging narratives in recent memory.

There is also a slight hint throughout the new video that suggests the AI will be improved as well. Hitman is by no means an easy game to beat but on the higher difficulties, most players resort to abusing the AI in order to complete a mission or gain a high score. Expect a full next’generation experience this time around.

Hitman 3 is scheduled to launch in January 2021.