Xbox Canada Shows Off Their “Canadian Tuxedo” Controller

Sorry, No Thanks, Eh

As a Canadian, I don’t think there is anyone who unironically thinks a Canadian Tuxedo is cool. For those of you who do not know what that is, a Canadian Tuxedo is what we call an outfit of denim pants and a denim jacket. So, Xbox Canada has shown us an Xbox Series X controller that is covered in denim, but this is not funny! Well, actually after some consideration, I guess it is. It looks super uncomfortable, but I guess that is the nature of a Canadian Tuxedo.

Xbox Controller Canadian Tuxedo

The picture shows Canadian embarrassment incarnate; an Xbox controller covered entirely in denim, with an out of focus man holding it, dressed in an actual Canadian Tuxedo. It has tiny belt loops on the face of it and little pockets on the grips. Xbox Canada says that this controller is one of a kind, which makes sense because you would never find another person who would want one. They also ask fans what they think a Canadian controller would look like and I could think of a ton of other ideas that would bury this denim controller. A Canadian flag controller comes to mind. Maybe a Tim Hortons controller, but I don’t know how it would convey that it is severely underpaid. A hockey controller would also work.

There are a ton of custom controllers out there, but do you think Xbox will actually come out with a Canadian Xbox controller? What kind of design would you think perfectly captures the essence of Canada?

Do you like the look of the denim controller? Let us know in the comments below.