Monster Hunter Rise Gets Gold Amiibo

7-11 Japan Gets Exclusive Monster Hunter Rise Gold Amiibo

Capcom Japan has officially confirmed that Monster Hunter Rise will get the exclusive Amiibo treatment, with pretty gold Amiibo being exclusive to 7-11 Japan. These gold Amiibo will be raffled off as prizes for fans who purchase special lottery tickets at 7-11 stores in Japan. These tickets are available in the region between January 25 and April 11 and the competition will have a total of 711 prizes. Monster Hunter Rise releases exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on March 26th.

With Japan getting three exclusive gold Amiibo figures for the upcoming release of Monster Hunter Rise, it will be interesting to see what kind of exclusive Amiibo the West gets in the future. Considering these Amiibo are exclusive to Japan, and specifically 7-11 locations in the country, these golden Monster Hunter Rise Amiibo are likely to become some of the most sought after, rarest Amiibo figures out there. Completing the set of three will likely cost even Japanese fans of Monster Hunter Rise a pretty penny.

While the West will be getting a trio of Amiibo figures with the release of Monster Hunter Rise, it looks like only Japan is getting the golden Amiibo. 7-11 Japan and Capcom Japan haven’t officially confirmed how many golden Amiibo will be released, but it’s likely that only a fraction of the 711 number will include these special golden Monster Hunter Rise Amiibo. Nintendo Switch gamers who are fans of Monster Hunter already have access to the Monster Hunter Rise demo, giving them an idea of if they’ll like the upcoming release or not ahead of time.

Do you want one of these golden Monster Hunter Rise Amiibo figures or do you prefer the traditional Amiibo’s? Let us know in the comments below!