Monster Hunter Rise Demo Hit By Stuttering

Monster Hunter Rise Has Problematic Online

Since the recent release of the Monster Hunter Rise demo on the Nintendo Switch eShop, Monster Hunter fans on the hybrid console are already encountering several connectivity issues. Gamers are encountering stuttering that isn’t attributable to their internet connectivity, causing many to worry about the state of the upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive. Monster Hunter World is available right now for Xbox One, PS4, PC, and through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

“For folks playing the Monster Hunter: Rise demo in online multiplayer, there’s currently a VERY weird issue impacting some players,” said industry insider Laura Kate Dale on Twitter. “If the game stutters and pauses every few seconds making the game unplayable, it’s not due to your internet connection, but your Nintendo Account.” While several gamers out there may have problematic internet connectivity, it seems like this isn’t the problem with the Monster Hunter Rise demo and its stuttering issues.

“I had this issue, and so have others,” continued Laura Kate. “No word yet on the cause, but it’s suspected to be something to do with account-based DRM. In short, if you play on a different user account, on the same switch, on the same internet connection, it works fine…¬†You can be on the same family subscription, so it’s not the online subscription that’s borked. It seems to only impact people’s primary user profiles on the Switch. Any secondary profile works fine. Deleting and redownloading the game doesn’t fix it.”

Are you experiencing connectivity issues with the Monster Hunter Rise demo or are you waiting for a fix to try it? Let us know in the comments below!