Monster Hunter Rise Demo Out Later Today

Or Maybe Tomorrow

Capcom held a special digital event showcase for Monster Hunter Rise today and along with it came the announcement of the Monster Hunter Rise demo being released later today, well, at least we think.

The event announced that the demo would be releasing on January 7th, however, the official website and Twitter account for the game has announced the demo’s release date as January 8th, which is tomorrow. The exact timing of the demo’s release is a little unclear but it is sure to be coming very soon. The demo will only be available for a limited time, until February 1, 2021.

The demo will have four quest types available: a Beginner Quest, an Intermediate Quest, a Basic Training Quest, and a Wyvern Riding Training Quest. All 14 weapon types are available for use. The beginner and intermediate quests can be played solo or in local or online co-op.

The digital event also showed off new gameplay, as well as some new details about the game. For starters we got to see the Frost Islands, a new location in the game, as well as a new boss, Goss Harag. Goss Harag is a fanged beast living in the snowy regions of the world, it forges blades of ice using its own breath in anticipation of finding its prey.

As far as other monsters go, we have the flying Wyverns, Barioth, and Khezu, the bird Wyvern, Great Baggi, and more. Of course we also got to see some of Magnamalo, the flagship monster of this game.

Wyvern Riding is a brand new feature to the game allowing you to ride and take control of monsters using a Wyvern Wire–you can even use them to attack other monsters. The rest of the event covered new characters, as well as product information such as the release date, deluxe edition, amiibo releases, and more.

Monster Hunter Rise is set to release on March 26, 2021. For all information on the game leading up to its release, keep an eye on COGconnected.