Playing Monster Hunter Rise Demo Benefits You in the Full Release

Parting Gifts

Nintendo Switch players and Monster Hunter fans will be treated to a nice exclusive experience in a couple of months when Monster Hunter Rise launches. Right now, they can play a little bit of it early thanks to the Monster Hunter Rise demo. Good news/bad news time. The bad news is that the demo launched with a number of stuttering and frame rate issues. This made the demo nigh “unplayable” and though there are some workarounds, it’s not great. The good news is that if you power through it, you can get some bonus items if you get the full game.

Monster Hunter Rise Demo

For those who play the demo and have save data from it, you will be gifted a set of helpful items when you play the game after it launches. These items aren’t gamechangers by any means, in fact they are consumables that you will be able to procure along your journey in the game. Think of it like a welcome basket or something. The list of bonus items are: Mega Potion 20x, Pitfall Trap 5x Energy Drink 10x, Mega Demondrug 5x, and Mega Armorskin 5x. Like I said, not game changing, but if you’re like your ol’ pal Zane, you’ll be happy to have and to hoard them until the final boss, and then still not use them.

If you are looking for other cool items like armor, poses, and other cosmetics, be sure to check out the Deluxe and Collector’s Edition, if that sort of thing interests you. Monster Hunter Rise comes out exclusively on Nintendo Switch on March 26th, and if these bonus items interest you, you can download the demo up until February 1st. After that, it will leave the Nintendo eShop.

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