Monster Hunter Rise Demo Reveals Frame Rate and Resolution

Things Could Improve For the Full Release, But For Now, Here’s What We’re Working With

The news is out: Capcom’s upcoming Monster Hunter Rise, at least in demo form, will run at a grand total of 756p while in docked mode and 540p in portable or tabletop mode. We’re not exactly surprised–the Nintendo Switch isn’t a technical powerhouse, after all–but we are a bit disappointed. So much of Monster Hunter is wrapped up in the immersive world and enthralling creatures, so low-grade graphics could interrupt player engagement. Then again, it seems like everyone’s taking hints from the indie field these days, and indie games definitely don’t depend on fancy graphics to pull people in, so maybe Rise‘s stylish presentation will be enough to hold things together, even with the connectivity issues.

At least the demo also runs at a solid 30 FPS, even during the more challenging parts of the game. If you want to get really specific, the game renders at a resolution of 1344×756 with the UI rendering at 1920×1080, which slides down to 960×540 and 1280×720 in portable mode. Not a total deal-breaker, but definitely not stunning. That said, it doesn’t stop these trailers from looking gorgeous, so maybe these limitations will be lifted before launch. Or maybe they were the price we had to pay to get wyvern riding, in which case it was a price well paid. Everybody loves riding wyverns. That mechanic almost makes up for the giant, eyeless maggot-dragon that someone felt the need to add in. Why do you do this to us, Capcom? We expect this from Darkstalkers, not Monster Hunter.

Monster Hunter Rise is expected to come out on March 26th, 2021, for the Nintendo Switch.

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