EVE Online Players Get Custom Year in Review Videos

CCP Games Release Custom Year in Review Videos

CCP Games has officially announced that eligible EVE Online gamers will receive personalized year in review videos that follow their accomplishments, achievements, and sacrifices they made in the last year. These videos are tailored to each player, but not everyone will receive one which suggests only gamers who played EVE Online extensively in 2020 will get the video treatment. EVE Online is available right now for PC and Mac.

EVE Online

“The year in review video for EVE in 2020 has now been sent out to all eligible EVE Online players,” said CCP Games on the official EVE Online Twitter account. “Allowing them to immortalize their achievements, activities, and victories in New Eden in 2020.” Despite the celebration of another year gone by, the response to this tweet went over like a wet fart, with most EVE Online players voicing their displeasure in some way or another.

EVE Online first released way back in 2003 and CCP Games continues to grow and evolve the title to keep their dedicated fanbase coming back for more. A player’s eligibility for these custom year in review videos is based on having a non-deleted player character that was active between December 1st, 2019 and December 1st, 2020. These players also have to have an Omega subscription to obtain these custom videos.

While EVE Online fans who have responded to the initial CCP Games tweet aren’t fans, it’s likely some fans will really enjoy these custom videos. How much EVE Online did you play in 2020? Let us know in the comments below!