EVE Online Gamers Getting a Second Chance

EVE Online Adding Escape Bay for Second Chances

Ever since EVE Online released, gamers who were destroyed in deep space didn’t have a way to easily exact their revenge on their rivals but an upcoming March update will change that. CCP Games will be adding the Frigate Escape Bay to all battleship-class vessels this month, allowing EVE Online gamers to use a single frigate-class ship to escape the conflict or immediately seek revenge. EVE Online is available for PC and Mac now but this escape pod update will be coming later this month.

EVE Online

Developers at CCP Games have been adding extensive changes to EVE Online recently, beginning a new way of development known as quadrants with the January update “Fight or Flight.” Each quadrant will apparently have a distinctive theme and the fight or flight theme definitively continues with the addition of the Frigate Escape Bay. The first quadrant of the year has centered on PvP related content such as getting into and out of fights, ship balance and risk and reward systems. The addition of an escape pod to most ships will add another strategic aspect of PvP combat to EVE Online.

Only certain types of frigate ships will be able to be stored in the escape bay. Apparently the bay will only accept ships that are capable of direct combat or frontline support, which won’t have stealth or special travel capabilities. If gamers have a weakened enemy to compete with when they’re destroyed, they may choose to engage in further combat. On the other hand, if someone is destroyed by a fleet, they may try to escape in the frigate ship while their vanquishers celebrate the victory.

Are you glad EVE Online is getting so much support through the quadrants? Will you be utilizing the escape bay to your benefit? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Kotaku