EVE Online Cheaters Might Have to Do Forced Labor in Space Jail

EVE Online Is Cracking Down on Chinese Cheaters

After EVE Online’s Chinese version relaunches later this year, cheaters might be forced to do forced labor in a virtual prison jail. At least that’s what’s suggested by a recent data mine from Hoboleaks, whose members unearth changes that are pushed to the EVE Online test server. The recent mine revealed in-game dialogue strings that suggest forced labor activities for the players that want to regain their freedom.

The new changes first appeared in EVE Online’s test server Singularity following developer CCP Games’ announcement that they would be making changes to both the Chinese and International versions. Other strings suggest that players will be forced to do “menial labor.”

CPP Games claims that the changes are intended solely for the Chinese market. NetEase, who partnered with CPP to publish the game in China, claims that “after the new EVE Online China beta is launched later this year, it will be synchronized with NetEase’s Guardhouse System. This system draws on the punishment mechanism of other titles by NetEase Games.”

Cheating has always been a problem with MMORPGs and while the standard punishment has been bans, the idea of a forced labor camp is unique. It will definitely be interesting to see if the idea will actually deter players from cheating or even help reform cheaters.