Cheaters Have Found Their Way Into Halo Infinite Multiplayer

Infinite Cheaters? I Certainly Hope Not!

If 343 Industries doesn’t address this soon, they could have a serious problem. Cheaters in competitive games aren’t a new experience, but Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode is. The full game isn’t even out yet, and cheaters have already started infiltrating the game’s servers.

While cheaters aren’t exactly looking to self-report themselves, those who play fair are more than willing to call them out. And already, the trickle of reports have started to come in. Like a group of hunters coming back with footage of a new cryptid, these videos aren’t hard evidence – but very suspicious, and very damning.

Exhibit A: a cheater caught live during a twitch stream, with the streamer checking the game’s replay post-match.

The streamer here is DougisRaw, and he does a solid job of pointing out where the cheater looks suspicious – though in the usual expressive streamer-esque fashion you’re probably familiar with. The cheater stares at walls and seemingly knows exactly where/when his enemies will appear – a classic indicator of wallhacks.

Exhibit B: a report from the Halo subreddit, showing a player with some… interesting firing patterns.

The stereotype of cheaters sucking at the game they play remains true here, it seems. It doesn’t even look like the cheater is keeping track of shots or bothering to aim, just leaning on the trigger whenever an enemy appears on-screen. Beyond the blatant player tracking, those extra few post-kill Battle Rifle bursts are indicative of someone using an aimbot – they don’t know when to stop shooting. Watch the video for yourself, its as comical as it is sad.

And if the cheaters weren’t pathetic enough, some of these clips are notably recorded from the game’s casual playlists. You know, the one where winning doesn’t matter. It’s not a controversial statement to call these people a plague on the gaming scene, and hopefully a few fixes should give them the boot they deserve.