Nintendo Leaker Sentenced to Three Years

Known Leaker Sentenced to Three Years in Prison

A Nintendo Leaker who caused the Big N trouble recently faced justice, earning himself three years in prison for hacking and possession of child pornography. In 2016, known leaker Ryan “RyanRocks” Hernandez and an accomplice used phishing techniques to steal Nintendo employee credentials, allowing them access to company secrets, including information about the Nintendo Switch ahead of its launch. Nintendo Switch Online brings the hybrid console online for a mere $19.99 per year.

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When Nintendo was impacted by Ryan “RyanRocks” Hernandez and his associate, it wasn’t long before the FBI got involved. Agents got in touch with a very apologetic Hernandez at his parents’ house in October 2017 where he assured them he would stop “any further malicious activity.” He was also informed and understood the repercussions of any future hacking, though he continued and now Hernandez has been sentenced to three years in prison, in addition to being registered as a sex offender, and serving seven years of supervised release beyond his release from prison.

Not long after the FBI agents paid a visit to Ryan “RyanRocks” Hernandez, Hernandez created an online chat room called Ryan’s Underground Hangout where he discussed hacking and Nintendo’s vulnerabilities. Apparently, Hernandez was able to accumulate some finances through this chat room, but the FBI was hot on his trail and he was soon apprehended. After acquiring his tech, documents, etc. the FBI discovered in addition to the hacking that Hernandez was in possession of child porn, bringing more charges to the case.

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