No, 343 Industries Isn’t Planning BR Mode for Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite Won’t Be Getting Battle Royale

343 Industries has officially denied the rumors that Halo Infinite will be getting a battle royale mode as part of the multiplayer. The Community Director at 343 Industries Brian Jarrard recently stated that while they have some big year-end update news in the works, battle royale won’t be part of it. In response to the rumors circulating about a Halo Infinite battle royale Jarrard simply said they were unfounded and to stay tuned for a year-end update. Halo Master Chief Collection brings most of the Halo titles to Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate lineup.

When discussing the rumors about Halo Infinite getting a battle royale mode, 343 Industries Community Director Brian Jarrard said, “Nothing gets a post-holiday Monday going like fresh unfounded Halo Infinite rumors… Btw yes I’m aware we could help solve this with real news. We certainly have some things we’re overdue on and eager to talk more about. We’re in the process of pulling together a year-end update.” While we were looking forward to seeing a BR set in the Halo universe in the saturated market, but it’s understandable that 343 Industries plans to do their own thing rather than hop on a trend.

While we were bummed to see Halo Infinite delayed into 2021, we’re hopeful that it means the game will be more polished and include better content than it would’ve if it made the launch of Xbox Series X/S. 343 Industries has undergone several changes recently, with many veterans and key figures departing the company, but Phil Spencer remains confident in Bonnie Ross and her team. As things stand, Halo Infinite is set to be an ambitious cross-gen title that will release for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, but other rumors suggest that it may be a fully next-gen title when it releases next year.

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