Phil Spencer Not Concerned About 343 Turnover

Turnover Is Normal in the Industry According to Phil Spencer

According to executive vice-president of Gaming at Microsoft Phil Spencer, turnover is normal in the industry and he isn’t concerned about all of the veterans leaving 343 Industries. While Spencer may be concerned about turnover in general, he remains faithful in Bonnie Ross and the rest of her team at 343 Industries to deliver a quality Halo experience when Halo Infinite eventually releases next year. The rest of the Halo franchise is available right now through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which brings the games to PC, Project xCloud, and the Xbox family of consoles.

Phil Spencer Japan

“I don’t take the sentiment and the emotion of our fans and our customers lightly,” said Phil Spencer. “We set an expectation that here, this is something you’re going to have at launch and then we have to change that expectation not too much after our showing, that’s a mistake… I really have a lot of faith in Bonnie (Ross) and the team there having Joe and Pierre join, which they did late in the summer; I feel good about where we are on that team.”

Across the development of Halo Infinite, 343 Industries veterans such as Chris Lee, Tim Longo, and Mary Olson have departed the team to pursue other endeavors. While turnover isn’t uncommon in the industry, Phil Spencer thinks it’s a healthy thing because gaming development comes down to motivation and passion. “I don’t have any specific concern about 343. I actually think in the long run, turnover is a healthy thing because we want people who are really motivated by the things that they’re working on,” said Phil Spencer.

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