No, You Shouldn’t Blow Vape Into Your Xbox Series X

We Can’t Believe They Couldn’t Believe They Had to Say It

Videos of the Xbox Series X smoking have circulated around the internet since the launch of the console on November 10th, but the team at Xbox has officially confirmed that this is a bad idea. While vapers quickly discovered that blowing vape into the Xbox Series X air intake made it spew the smoke from its chimney-like top, making it appear as though it’s malfunctioning, this smoke vapor could damage the internal components of the next-gen console. So, no it isn’t a good idea to blow vape into your Xbox Series X. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate brings the Game Pass ultimate to current and next-gen hardware right now.

Xbox Series X

“We can’t believe we have to say this, but please do not blow vape smoke into your Xbox Series X,” said the official Xbox Twitter account after discovering the videos of Xbox Series X consoles vaping circulating the internet. The team also made sure to include any support channels Xbox Series X owners would need to go through if their consoles truly are malfunctioning, but they specified support is only “for any non-vape related support questions.” While we can’t understand why anyone would blow smoke into their next-gen consoles, we can appreciate Microsoft throwing a little shade at them for sharing their terrible idea so publicly.

Xbox fans who blow vape into their Xbox Series X consoles could be risking damaging the internal components of the new console, but we can’t believe that Microsoft didn’t consider vapers when they designed the new console. Console fanboys are looking for any opportunity to make the other new console look bad and many were sharing the videos of a smoking Series X as evidence of a poor machine until the video was debunked.

Are you surprised that people are blowing smoke into their Xbox Series X consoles? Let us know in the comments below!