Xbox Series X/S Launches Today

The Next Generation Has Begun

It’s finally here. While many people were unable to secure pre-orders and even some of those who did manage to secure a pre-order were forced to cancel because of how COVID has affected the economy and job markets (Pour one out for your homies. I mean me. Pour one out for me and my sudden lack of a PS5 this week) many people are finally getting their hands on the coveted Xbox Series X and it’s little brother, the Series S.

This is an exciting time, and a moment everyone has been waiting for throughout 2020. This week is going to see the new stage in a phenomenon that’s even been parodied in a multi-part episode of South Park, but who will win?

The Xbox Series X may be a slightly more powerful machine, but PlayStation have historically outsold Microsoft’s console, and has more in the way of console exclusives, with big names like Final Fantasy XVI, Naughty Dog’s next project, and the allegedly upcoming Silent Hill reboot all exclusive to the PlayStation 5. Add to that the fact that some of the most popular games of the current generation have been PlayStation exclusives and that’s bound to drum up some goodwill. That’s not to say that Microsoft is slouching in this department – the upcoming return to the Fable franchise and The Medium are both games I’m looking forward to, and they did recently acquire Bethesda – it’s just that this is an area where Sony has historically excelled in.

Ultimately, we won’t have a clear idea for a few months, when we finally start seeing some quarterly reports. Day one sales or even sales within the first month or so are a good indicator of success, but 2020 has been a year that’s caused a lot of issues with everything from manufacturing to distribution, so it’ll take quite a while until we have the answer.

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