Halo Infinite Multiplayer and Campaign May Launch Separately

Halo Infinite May Launch Without Multiplayer or Campaign

During a recent interview, executive vice-president of Gaming at Microsoft Phil Spencer claimed that Halo Infinite may be released in pieces rather than as a complete experience when it launches next year. Apparently, Bonnie Ross will continue to drive those important decisions about Halo Infinite, but Microsoft is looking at their options with the release of Halo Infinite. Halo Infinite was pushed back to 2021 when it will release for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC and it will join the extensive Xbox Game Pass Ultimate lineup.

When asked if 343 Industries is considering releasing the campaign of Halo Infinite separately from the multiplayer, Phil Spencer said, “Bonnie (Ross, head of the Halo franchise) and the team will go drive those decisions. But I think we want to make sure people feel like they have a Halo experience. I think we can look at options like that.” While Bonnie Ross seems to have the final say in how Halo Infinite releases, it looks like Microsoft is at least considering their options for the next-gen Halo experience.

“So, yeah, I think that’s something to think about, but we want to make sure we do it right,” Phil Spencer continued. Considering Phil Spencer says that Bonnie Ross is the person driving these decisions, it seems like Ross may be considering the very same proposition that the interviewer suggested. Halo Infinite is one of many next-gen AAA titles that’s relying on outsourcing, so it’s likely that they’ve progressed in the campaign and the multiplayer, but 343 Industries may be looking to focus on one aspect of the game to greenlight as early in 2021 as possible.

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