Microsoft Confident in Xbox Series S Storage

Xbox Series S Storage May Not Be a Big Deal

While the Xbox Series S features an NVMe SSD with a measly 512GB of storage, Microsoft remains confident that it won’t be a big deal. While the lack of storage space may be a deal-breaker for some people, Microsoft continues to double down on player freedom, suggesting gamers get the Xbox Series X under certain circumstances. The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S both release on November 10th, with the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition following closely on November 12th.

Xbox Series X

“As we look at player patterns, there are all different kinds,” said Microsoft. “Some people will play ten to fifteen games a month; other players will choose to just play one game, and they play that game religiously. So obviously, in that case, they’re not switching games all the time. Some people might choose smaller games, and want to hop between them. So we definitely looked at the data, and we felt confident in the 512GB of the Xbox Series S.”

“It all boils down to what you want from your next-gen machine,” continued Microsoft. “If you have a big display from which you want to play a massive library of games, if you have a shelf full of physical Xbox One, 360, and original Xbox titles, if you want to see the cleanest possible image presentation, then you want the Xbox Series X, not the Xbox Series S. If your entertainment center is more modest, you have a 40 inch TV at the most or a monitor, and you just want to play the digital library of games you have, in addition to those coming in the future to services like Xbox Game Pass, then the Series S only makes sense.”

“It will still play all of the games you want, and on a smaller screen, you won’t even notice the visual differences. If you’re looking for a way to play Xbox Game Pass titles are seldom much more, then the Xbox Series S is a perfect choice for you, and at the price point it’s at, I predict that we’ll see a lot more people entering the Xbox ecosystem this generation with Xbox Series S.”

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