PS5 Allows for NVMe SSD Storage Expansion

Easily Add an NVMe SSD to Your PS5

After a recent teardown of the next-gen PlayStation console, it was confirmed that the PS5 will include an additional drive slot for an NVMe SSD. This will allow gamers who are somewhat familiar with technology to install their own SSDs for more storage, only requiring the use of a screwdriver to remove the outer shell of the console and a small panel. Both next-gen consoles are using NVMe SSD architecture to make sure their games load quickly and this is another way gamers can expand their PS5 storage. The PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition both release on November 12th.

Playstation 5

An example of an NVMe drive slotted into the M.2 interface was not provided during the PS5 teardown, but gamers who are familiar with SSDs will know how to install the additional storage when the next-gen console releases in November. An M.2 expansion drive will allow PS5 buyers the opportunity to expand their storage if they’re familiar with the inner workings of videogame consoles. Gamers on Xbox won’t have to purchase the proprietary Sea Gate expansion cards necessarily as USB input SSDs will still function as you’d expect. Sea Gate expansion cards are just optimized for the Xbox Series X/S.

Sony hasn’t clarified whether there are speed requirements for its NVMe expansion drives since the PS5 teardown, but it’s likely that most will suffice. The reason why the M.2 expansion slot in the PS5 is hidden also hasn’t been explained, but it could be due to the design of the console or it could be a way to protect the additional storage from environmental hazards. It’ll be interesting to see how many gamers do the hands-on approach of expanding their PS5 storage, and how many will just leave their units as they are due to the technical skill required.

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