Parts of Games Can Be Deleted on the Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X Allows Gamers to Selectively Install

Xbox Director of Program Management Jason Ronald, Larry Hryb, and Jeff Rubenstein joined the recent official Xbox podcast to talk about the upcoming Xbox Series X/S. According to Ronald, the new interface will allow gamers to selectively install and uninstall pieces of their games to properly optimized the player experience. This will let Xbox fans download only the single-player or only the multiplayer of a next-gen title if the developers have allowed for it. Xbox Series X will release at $499, with the Xbox Series S only costing $299 when they release on November 10th.

Xbox Series X quick resume

“Even beyond the hardware, we’ve actually made user interface improvements to make it easier for you to manage your storage,” said Jason Ronald. “As an example, one of the new features we’re adding is actually for, if a title chooses to support it, the ability to selectively uninstall different components of the game.” Most people may know Larry Hryb as Major Nelson, but lately, he’s been hosting the Xbox podcast and getting stellar guests to unveil new information just as Ronald revealed this week.

“Let’s say you play a campaign as an example, and then you want to focus exclusively on multiplayer,” continued Jason Ronald. “If the developers chose to support it, you can actually uninstall the campaign itself, so that you can be more in control of how you’re actually using your storage, so you really get the most benefit out of the available storage that you have.”


“Just like all of your existing accessories move forward, that includes your external hard drives. If you already have your games, whether it’s an Xbox One game or an Xbox 360 game, or even an original Xbox game, you can easily just move that hard drive over to your Xbox Series X and S and you’re instantly ready to play… you just won’t see all of the improvements with load times that you’ll see if the games were running on the internal NVME SSD or on the storage expansion card, but you’ll still get the same enhancements.”

Will you be downloading mostly single-player or multiplayer content on the Xbox Series X? Let us know in the comments below!