You Might Want to Check your Xbox Series X Pre-Order

Looks Like Xbox’s Interesting Approach to Naming Has Had a Side Effect

Let’s take a trip through history, to 2001. It was a simpler time, and Microsoft released their first console, the Xbox.

Next came the Xbox 360, followed a few years after by the Xbox One. Within a few years the Xbox One X hit the market – an updated, more advanced version of the Xbox One with better graphics and faster speeds.

And then we come to 2020, and the release of the Xbox Series X.

You may have noticed that the consoles, unlike the PlayStation, have all had different names… and unlike Nintendo, many of those names have been relatively similar, and it looks like a lot of people have made a terrible – if understandable mistake, as the release of the Series X also saw the Xbox One X rise a whopping 747% in the Amazon charts, at one point climbing all the way to number four.

Unfortunately, this means that a lot of people will either receive what they’re hoping is a new console only to receive one capable of playing games they already own, or they’ll be unable to play any next-gen games they’re particularly excited for.

Xbox One

Of course, it’s possible for anyone to make mistakes, so if you’ve pre-ordered a Series X – or know someone who has – it’s worth double-checking, especially if it’s someone who ordered the new console as a Christmas present.

It’s also possible that at least some of these orders were caused by bots who snapped up the console by mistake – which may not offer comfort to people who’ve made the mistake but might mean that at least some people who snapped up a console purely to flip it on eBay for thousands of dollars will have a harder time doing so, opening the doors for genuine players to pre-order the Xbox when more stock is available.

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