Major Nelson Unboxes the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition

Watch the Xbox One X Unboxing and Get Green With Envy

While Xbox fans have been scrambling to secure themselves a day-one Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition, Xbox Live’s Major Nelson just dropped a video that shows the first-ever unboxing of the souped-up powerful new console.

There’s no denying just how attractive the console unit actually is. For all of its powerful internal guts, Microsoft has designed what is essentially the best-looking console ever made. It’s a perfect complement to the “most powerful console ever made” tagline that seems to pop up during every piece of marketing.

What’s particularly interesting about the limited Project Scorpio Editions is the awesome packaging it comes in. The physical box harkens back to the OG Xbox console with an instantly recognizable large ‘X’ emblazoned on the front that mimics the original Xbox design. The unit itself and the wireless controller both have an engraving that says ‘Project Scorpio’ in classic Xbox green. It’s definitely a nice treat for hardcore Xbox fans and may be worth a decent penny a few years from now when it ceases production. These are, of course, limited in supply so make sure you try and lock down a pre-order now before they’re all snatched up. Pre-orders have gone live across the usual retailer suppliers like Best Buy, Amazon, GameStop, EB Games, and the Microsoft Store. The console will launch on November 7th.

Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition

Usually, the console code name is often forgotten when the official name is revealed, but in this situation, it’s a little bit different. Since Microsoft has been touting the Project Scorpio name since last year’s E3, the codename has since stuck around more prominently than other codenames like the NX or Orbis, respectively the Switch and PS4’s in-development names.

How do you feel about the Xbox One X and its special Project Scorpio Edition? Have you managed to pre-order one? Let us know in the comments below.