Fortnite Item Shop Selling Original Defaults

The Original Defaults Have Returned to Fortnite

Epic Games has officially updated the Fortnite item shop with the original default skins purchasable separately or in two bundles that include the males and females respectively. Fortnite changed the default skins in 2019  and now it seems they were changed in order to sell the originals at a cost on the Fortnite item shop. An individual original Fortnite default skin will cost fans of Epic Games’ battle royale 800 v-bucks, while the bundles include four skins for 2,000 v-bucks. Fortnite is available for free right now on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mac, PC, and mobile.

“Get back to your roots with the Origins Set,” said the official Fortnite Twitter account upon the release of the original defaults on the item shop. “And don’t miss the Throwback Axe in the Item Shop, available for free!” The Throwback Axe is a reference to the original pickaxe in Fortnite, while the Origins Set is the complete set of original Default Skins including Jonesy the First, Hawk Classic, Vintage Ramirez, and Rookie Spitfire. Fans of Fortnite that have stuck with the free-to-play battle royale from Epic Games since these skins were actual defaults will feel nostalgic by combining the Origins Set with the Throwback Axe.

Most of the skins in the Fortnite Origins Set have two selectable styles, but Jonesy the First is notably lacking an alternate outfit, making some of the skins more valuable than others. The original glider known as the OG has joined the Origins Set and Throwback Axe on the Fortnite item shop and it will set fans back 500 v-bucks. While Epic Games has introduced impressive and creative skins to Fortnite over the years, including some timeless crossover skins, fans who want to rock a minimalistic skin have their choice of all the original defaults right now.

Will you be getting any of the Fortnite Origins skins or are you getting the full set? Let us know in the comments below!