Epic Games Invests in Core Creation Tool

Epic Games Is Invested in Core

Core is a tool its creators compare to a YouTube of game development, where users can both quickly make interactive projects as well as play any of those creations inside of a browser, and Epic Games has officially invested $15 million into the creation tool. Core is somewhat reminiscent of Fortnite Playground mode in that gamers can create their projects then easily jump into them to test them out. Both companies seem enthused about the new teamup and it will likely result in good things for Core and Epic. Epic Games’ Fortnite is available right now for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, mobile, and PC.

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“At Epic we believe the industry is ultimately headed to games becoming more like open platforms where creators can build their own worlds,” said Epic president Adam Sussman in a statement. “Built in Unreal, Core exemplifies this future and goes one step further by providing the environment for anybody to create great multiplayer games, and a metaverse playground where players discover endless entertainment.” It’ll be interesting to see what new Core creations happen due to this new partnership.

“We admire Epic’s leadership in empowering our industry through technology and feel very aligned in a vision of the future for a user-generated multiverse: we are leading a complete democratization of the landscape in how games are made and played, and even who makes and plays games,” said Manticore CEO Frederic Descamps in his official statement. Core recently set up a $1 million fund to pay creators and partnered with Dungeons & Dragons, but the injection of $15 million into the company from Epic Games will surely help broaden their horizons as the beginning of a new partnership.

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