Konami Makes Sure P.T. Will Be Unplayable on PS5

Konami is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Hasn’t the Silent Hill franchise suffered enough? Not only has P.T.‘s follow-up been canceled, leaving the series dormant for years–pachinko games do not count–but now even P.T. itself has been abandoned. More than it already was, we mean. Whether or not you still feel a chill every time you play it, the news that this classic horror teaser will not be playable on the PS5 is nothing short of tragic. Especially since the Polygon report actually claims that P.T. was playable at first, but the demo will be locked out when the November 12 launch date rolls around. Even worse, if you currently have P.T. stashed away on your PS4, you won’t be able to transfer it over to your PS5. We knew Konami was trying to pretend P.T. never existed, but this is just going way too far.

Yeah, that’s right, we all know who’s to blame for this choice. Even Sony claimed that the move to make P.T. unplayable on the next-gen console was a “publisher decision”. This makes those rumors about Konami trying to make the demo unplayable on PS4 seem a lot more credible. If you still have P.T. on your PS4, you may want to hang on to the old console instead of reselling it. Or you could go ahead and fill the hole with the fan-made remake in Unreal Engine, but you might have trouble finding that build–it was apparently pulled so the creator could focus on original work.

If we’re all very lucky, then the Silent Hill franchise will return during the Game Awards. But at this point, we’re not sure we put any stock in luck. Konami has made it very clear what they think of the franchise. We might be on our own.

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